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Chili’s night 2015!

Chili’s at 5pm on Dec. 11th! Be there or be… ordinary!

Yes, that means you, SLACer!


Winner of the HAClue Game: US!!

As Ms. Scarlett, our team rocked and we WON this HAClue game. Too bad we didn’t live to see the prizes…

From the HAC facebook page:

“Thank you all for playing HAClue: here are the results of the game.
Team Scarlett has won the game with a total of 67 points. The subsequent scores were Peacock with 55 points, White with 44 points, Mustard with 41 points and Plum with 19 points. Thank you all for participating!”

Thanks to Team Scarlett!






World Book Night

Just a reminder: World Book Night Application Day is coming up Wednesday, Oct. 23!
More details posted here!
Let Carol know if you want to attend book title announcement webcast!

Go to your library

Honestly, use the Library!

Here’s how it works:

  1. you pay taxes
  2. The city gives a small portion of your taxes to professional librarians
  3. They buy books, DVDs, etc
  4. You can checkout for FREE!



A Mascot is born